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New law journals launched

Two new peer-reviewed journals, published by Juta, were launched last year. Both are currently being edited by members of the Department of Commercial Law at UCT. The first is the South African Journal of Intellectual Property Law (IPLJ), the only South African journal to focus solely in Intellectual Property law and policy issues, which is […]

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Two endowments for research at CCLA

Research at the Centre for Comparative Law in Africa (CCLA) will benefit from two significant endowments launched at a UCT event in Lagos on 6 May 2014: the Olu Akinkugbe Business Law in Africa Fellowship and the TY Danjuma Fund for Law and Policy Development in Africa. The Olu Akinkugbe Business Law in Africa Fellowship […]

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Taking on fisheries crime

The Institute for Marine and Environmental Law (IMEL) in the Department of Public Law, together with the Marine Research Institute at UCT and Interpol’s Project Scale, hosted a Fisheries Crime Symposium at the Faculty of Law in July 2013. The symposium brought together international, regional and domestic experts from academia and government for a one-day […]

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a year of honours and awards

Professor Salvatore Mancuso, Chair of the Centre for Comparative Law in Africa (CCLA), has had a year of honours and awards. In 2013 he received a B3 rating from the National Research Foundation (NRF) and in early 2014 he embarked on a prestigious, NRF-funded collaborative project to map Somaliland customary law. The CCLA is collaborating […]

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IP Unit hosts prestigious global conference on intellectual property

The Intellectual Property (IP) Unit in the Department of Commercial Law hosted one of the key annual global academic events in the area of IP in December 2013: “The Open African Innovation Research (Open AIR) Conference and Third Global Congress on IP and the Public Interest”. Nearly 300 academics, advocates, lawyers and government officials from […]

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Shaw steps up to Chair

International scholar and justice expert Dr Mark Shaw has been nominated to take over the DST/NRF SARChI Chair in Security and Justice from Professor Clifford Shearing, whose term ends in 2014. Dr Shaw, who is currently the Director: Crime, Communities and Conflict at STATT Consulting in Hong Kong, is noted as a scholar with an […]

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Wikipedia schools

A Swiss–South African co-operation between the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) and UCT’s Intellectual Property (IP) Unit, in partnership with Wikimedia Switzerland and the Africa Centre based in Cape Town, led to a new National Research Foundation-funded research project in 2013. The Wikipedia Primary School Project seeks to bridge a […]

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Spotlight on the Customary Marriages Act

The Chair in Customary Law, Professor Chuma Himonga, hosted a workshop in February 2014 to share and discuss the preliminary findings of a study on The Operation of the Recognition of Customary Marriages Act (RCMA) and Rules of Intestate Succession in the Constitutional Court decision in Bhe v Magistrate Khayelitsha. This study is being conducted […]

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