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The barefoot facts

A review published by UCT researchers from the MRC/UCT Research Unit for Exercise Science & Sports Medicine (ESSM) in the online British Journal of Sports Medicine in 2013, found a remarkable lack of evidence to support the benefits of barefoot running for injury prevention and performance. According to lead author and master’s student Nicholas Tam, […]

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Grand Prix

Professor Valerie Mizrahi, director of the Institute of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine (IDM), has been awarded the coveted Grand Prix Christophe Mérieux by the Institute de France in Paris for her tuberculosis (TB) research and her ability to mentor young researchers. The €500,000 award (over R6 million), made by the Institute’s Academy of Sciences, […]

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MRC stars

UCT scientists featured prominently in the Medical Research Council’s (MRC) merit award ceremony in November 2013, with “the highest honour in medical research in the country” being conferred on four high-profile academics. Pictured left, clockwise from top, are Emeritus Professor Eric Bateman, former director of the UCT Lung Institute, who received a lifetime achievement award […]

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Top award for heart specialist

Professor Karen Sliwa, director of the Hatter Institute, received the prestigious Paul Morawitz Award in Germany in April 2013 for her exceptional research in cardiovascular prevention, heart failure and the pathophysiology of cardiomyopathy. The annual award is the highest recognition for exceptional cardiovascular research for German-speaking countries (including Austria, Switzerland and Germany) and can be […]

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Salt of success

Specialist nephrologist Professor Brian Rayner received an award from the World Hypertension League in 2014 for Notable Achievement in Hypertension, a prestigious international accolade that recognises his research in salt-sensitive hypertension. “This gives new recognition to our unit and research work on the international stage,” said Professor Rayner, who is head of the Division of […]

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A-rating for HIV/AIDS pioneer

Emeritus Professor Robin Wood, director of the Desmond Tutu HIV Research Centre at UCT, was awarded a National Research Foundation (NRF) A2-rating in the 2013 round of ratings, pegging him as a world leader in his field, and bringing the faculty’s tally of A-rated scientists to 12. Professor Wood first came across “slim disease” as […]

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